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Fundraising Activities to Teen Keys, the NGO to celebrating Spark Image 5 years old

Teen Keys

Spark Image is honored to collaborate with local design brand Vicacci to organize the meaningful "Teen's Key" charity sale. The "Teen's Key" charity sale has now officially concluded successfully! We have donated all proceeds to "Teen's Key" for charitable purposes. We truly appreciate everyone's support for the sale over the past two months. "Teen's Key" has been committed to improving the circumstances of marginalized young women and teenagers in Hong Kong, providing them with academic, career and health assistance, educating them with correct reproductive health knowledge, as well as career planning advice. We hope to do our best for marginalized young women and teenagers in Hong Kong, helping them explore their self-worth and find their own shine.

Just like the light of the stars is not remote and unreachable, as long as you can hold the starlight in your hand, it can illuminate every moment of your time.


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