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We pride ourselves as a unique training consultancy combining both image and management knowledge to transform managers to great leaders. Our goal is to inspire and help people realize their potential both physically and intellectually through an interactive, fun and practical approach.

We therefore tailor-made the following training programs focus on:

1) Corporate Leadership

2) Luxury Hospitality

3) Service Retail

Corporate Training

Styling & Grooming

  • Wardrobe for work

  • Use of colour

  • Textiles and designs

  • Personal care and grooming

  • Dress to win

Business Etiquette

  • Networking

  • Business greetings

  • Behavior required at meetings

  • Job interviews

Effective Communications

  • Professional Self Introduction

  • Introduce people to one another

  • How to start the conversation?

  • How to keep the conversation flowing?

  • How to end a conversation?

  • International Introduction Etiquette

Dining Etiquette Workshop

  • Dining social etiquette

  • Dining Business Etiquette

  • Types of food and wine




Great leaders differ in many features, but they share many key elements.

While leaders convince the sophisticated by their inner knowledge but they also inspire the general public by the professional image they portray. The training by Spark will help managers learn some effective traits to stand out among other great leaders.

The Corporate Leadership Program covers essential knowledge, skills and attitudes required for leadership development. We will conduct a personality test to help your team member discover themselves as well as their team members. After the test, they will be aware of diverse personality types and learn how to motivate and manage them.

This is a very unique program that combines both intrinsic and extrinsic elements to equip managers to be great leaders. They will learn practical ways from the workshop that they can apply in their workplace.

Senior Leadership Essentials


  • Projecting a Professional Image

  • Leading Effective Meetings

  • Presentation Skill

  • Project Management Technique

  • Managing the Challenge of Change

  • Motivating and Managing Diverse Personalities

  • Recruiting, Retaining and Rediscovering Staff Potential

Junior Leadership Essentials

  • Projecting a Professional Image

  • Managing Attitudes, Emotions and Stress

  • Conducting Appraisals

  • Providing Performance Feedbacks

  • Leading Effective Meetings

  • Presentation Skill

  • Motivating and Managing Diverse Personalities

  • Business Etiquette and Social Skill

*The program can be arranged by whole series or by individual module based on the clients’ needs.
Graduates Holding Diplomas



Image Training Certification Course (IITTI)

  1. Want to start your image training career? 

  2. Want to behave properly and look good in your social and work life?


Spark Image Consultancy is proud to be the one of the authorized training institute in Hong Kong and China to conduct a series of certification courses by International Image & Etiquette Standards (IITTI).

Who should attend?

  • Any individuals who are interested in professional image building

  • Human Resources managers, sales and marketing supervisors, corporate communications practitioners

  • Young college graduates

  • Student career and development unit of tertiary education institution

Course Content

Part I : Professional Image

  • 3 main categories of professional attire and guidelines

  • Colour advantage in business dressing

  • Characteristic of details in professional attire

  • Inappropriate personal appearance in a work environment

  • Grooming & Hygiene

Part II : Business Etiquette

  • Interaction with professional body languages and gesture

  • Networking etiquette (hand shake, business card etiquette etc.)

  • Networking communications (introduction and appropriate interaction)

  • Telephone etiquette

  • Social Media etiquette

Part III : Dining Etiquette

  • Dining preparation (place setting, seating arrangement etc.)

  • Categories of western meal and basic wine and beverage knowledge

  • Continental vs American style of dining (use of utensils, napkin and table manner)

  • Handling difficult foods

  • Duties of host and guest


Personal Image Power-Up Program

A new you in only 7 days!

Do you want to spark up your image? Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to have a successful career? Research shows that 93% of first impressions are based on what people see and only 7% on what is said, so an image that matches with the profession is a key to success in many cases.


The Power-Up Programme is to help individuals strengthen their personal presence in any settings and for any purposes, such as dress-up for an interview, a promotion opportunity or various social events with comfort and self-confidence. It is important to wear the right outfits, colours, styles and attitude to achieve your best look. In addition, it is essential to have the right mind-set about your self-image because the way you see yourself will have a mirror effect on how others see you.


At the end of the programme, you will accomplish:

  • To transform your image and styling with proper grooming, wardrobe, accessories and body language

  • To look great, feel your best and increase self-confidence

  • To project your best image and unique personal style to earn yourself more opportunities and better relationships


Client can consider the following additional service provide by professional image consultant and make-up artist:-

  • Client’s shopping expenses are on client’s own account.

  • This programme can be conducted all in one go within a day OR in separate modules on different days per client’s needs.

  • *Personal Shopping Service is available for full day programme only.


Discover Your UNIQUE Look!

Programme Details:

This is a tailor-made private lesson to cater to individual needs of any levels and suit your busy schedule, available for ladies and gentlemen. 

  1. Course duration: 2 -3 consultation

  2. Class size: 1 person (one on one)

  3. Venue: Spark Image’s Office

  4. Service includes :-

    • Image Analysis Profile

    • Colour Analysis and Application

    • Body Line Analysis

    • Style Personality

    • Hair Style Recommendation

    • Clothing Review (3 – 4 sets)


  1. Personal Shopping Service (4-hour shopping for 3 outfits)*

b)  Make-Up Demonstration & Advice on Simple Techniques (for ladies only)

c)  Advice on Skin Care & Simple Techniques (for gentlemen only)

Personal Image Power-Up Program
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